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shelf2shelf's Journal

A book exchange community
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Welcome to Shelf 2 Shelf, a community dedicated to sharing books!

Do you have some books lying around your house that you know you'll never read again? Do you feel giving used books away to folks you know will read it is better than throwing them away or keeping them in your house taking up space? Is there a specific title you're looking for but don't necessarily want to purchase it? Well you've come to the right place.

If you have some books that you would like to get rid of but would prefer others to enjoy them than have them sit on a shelf unloved, this is the place to advertise what you have! Simply make a list of the titles, authors and genres of the books you have and post them in an entry. If someone is interested you can privately make arrangements to ship that book to them. If you see something on someone else's list you like, notify them and do the same. Keep the ones you like, or advertise them to be passed on when you are finished reading them. This way books get recycled and can be passed on from reader to reader at the low cost of shipping. (Who covers shipping cost is up to each user, please specify your preference for this clearly in your post!)

If you have books that you would like to loan out but not necessarily give away, you may post those here too. However, please note that this community is in no way responsible for unreturned books. This community was intended under the impression that most users posting in this community are okay advertising books they know they will not want back, but if you choose to loan books this is your risk and responsibility. Please also state CLEARLY in your entry that they are not for keeps.

Things to note:
-This community has moderated membership for now to make sure we all know who we're sharing with. This may change over time.
-Only members may post
-No flaming
-Please keep address sharing within private emails or screened comments only. This is your responsibility, but I will kindly remind you that any information you post on the internet can be read by other people, so please bear this in mind.
-If you specifically stated that your books are for LOAN only and someone has not given you the book back, a grace period will be given before that member is ejected from the community. That is the best I can do as far as consequences go, all else is up to you, the user.
-When posting your book list it's best to sort them by genre, but listing the author, title, and genre is most helpful. A small synopsis is also great!
-If you are having difficulties with a user, please privately note thornwolf the moderator.

Any questions or suggestions can also be brought to the moderators attention privately or can be directly asked within the community.

Happy Reading!